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Clean Air Lawn Care in Kirkland provides lawn mowing and lawn care services that are both environmentally healthy and safe. Our organic fertilizer treatments and solar-powered lawn care equipment exemplify our commitment to bringing you the softest, greenest grass without leaving a heavy carbon footprint. Our clients deserve to relax while we apply effective organic lawn maintenance in backyards across Kirkland, Seattle, Bothell, and surrounding areas.

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Natural Lawn Care in Kirkland

Organic Lawn Care Kirkland

Clean Air Lawn Care uses an organic method to care for lawns. We use chemical-free fertilizers and treatments to ensure that lawns are beautiful, strong, and safe. Clean Air’s treatments are greatly effective, and don’t use toxic chemicals or pesticides. We let natural compounds work their magic, instead of using harsh chemicals to kill potentially beneficial bacteria and insects, which leads to naturally safe and healthy landscapes.

Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing in Kirkland

Solar-powered lawn mowing is a staple of our Kirkland organic lawn care. With electric lawn mowing equipment, we’re able to provide quiet and less intrusive lawn maintenance. Everyone hates the loud whirring of gas-powered lawn mowers or leaf blowers. Clean Air Lawn Care eliminates that annoyance by using electric equipment charged by the solar panels on the roof of our trucks. We are conscious of our environmental footprint, and committed to providing healthy and safe lawn care services. All of our equipment and products reflect this commitment.
In addition to solar-powered mowers for smaller lawns, we offer additional clean energy alternatives for mowing larger yards. Our riding lawn mowers use renewable wind energy and to make up for any other impact, we purchase carbon offsets.

Lawn Care and Lawn Mowing Professionals in Kirkland

There is a great deal of variety in lawn care and lawn mowing services across the Kirkland area. Select an experienced company who strives to do work the right way, not the easy way.