Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Introducing The Clean Air Lawn Care Organic Fertilizers

Clean Air Lawn Care, the nation’s leading organic lawn care company and provider of The Neighborhood’s Healthiest Lawn™ is proud to introduce our expertly crafted Organic Lawn Fertilizers.


Seattle & Kirkland Eco Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Treatment

Teaming with Experts

Designing an all-organic fertilizer wasn’t as simple as mixing some dirt together. When we entered the organic fertilizer market we wanted to offer a product that brought customers the healthiest and greenest lawns in the Seattle area and across the United States. Carefully concocted by a team of organic agriculture scientists and lawn treatment experts, the organic fertilizer from Clean Air Lawn Care combined scientific expertise with practical experience in lawn care. Scientists provided the chemical knowledge to input proven data around organic lawn treatment, while Clean Air Lawn Care owners shared their expert knowledge in treating hundreds of lawns across the US. Not many other lawn care companies can say their fertilizers were developed by the same people who regularly mow, trim, and treat grass on their clients’ properties.

Seattle & Kirkland Eco Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Treatment

A Healthy Organic Diet… For Your Lawn

It wasn’t an easy process. We spent six seasons of development testing prototypes in labs and on our own home lawns. We pitted our organic fertilizer product against competitors and made sure it outperformed every one of them.

The result? An amazing, chemical-free organic fertilizer (available now in Seattle and Kirkland) that is completely safe for pets and children, applicable to backyards across the United States. Grass grown with this fertilizer absolutely flourishes, bringing homeowners the greenest yards in town without them ever needing to touch a mower or grass seed.  

Seattle & Kirkland Eco Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Treatment

Your Healthiest Lawn

Every lawn deserves a blend of whole foods and enriching vitamins. Organic fertilizer in Seattle and Kirkland from Clean Air Lawn Care meets all the requirements a lawn needs to stay healthy throughout the year. Our unique blend strengthens the lawn’s roots and keeps the grass blades a verdant shade of green.

Organic fertilizer is now available in Seattle! Talk to a franchise owner now to find out how this product can help your lawn can reach a whole new level of healthy!

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