Organic Tree Fertilization

Tree & Shrub Fertilizer

Kirkland & Seattle Organic Lawn Care, Lawn MaintenanceHere at clean air lawn care in Seattle we don’t forget about your trees and shrubs! Just like your lawn and gardens, your shrubs need nutrients and care, too. Clean Air Lawn Care in Seattle and Kirkland creates a healthy eco-system for the entire landscape of your home, including your shrubs. Using the Clean Air Lawn Care organic fertilizers, we make sure to promote healthy growth with our organic shrub fertilization program.  Both new and long-lived trees and shrubs need attention. Clean Air ensures that your landscape, trees and shrubs get the organic fertilization they need, at the right time, and allow them to live happily with healthy roots, stem structures, and leaves. We organically fertilize and maintain thousands of trees and shrubs throughout Seattle and Kirkland.

A Long-living, Healthy and Beautiful Landscape

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