Lawn Care Redmond

Lawn Care Redmond

Clean Air Lawn Care is a professional organic lawn care service in Redmond that provides natural and safe lawn care across the Seattle area. Clients can put their feet up and enjoy a healthy lawn without worrying about noisy equipment or air pollution. We keep dangerous chemicals out of your lawn while bringing in all natural fertilizers that enrich the soil and encourage lasting growth.

Redmond Organic Lawn Care Services, Lawn Maintenance

A Natural Approach to Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care from our Redmond mowing company helps you achieve a chemical-free yard without sacrificing quality or time. We combat the inclusion of dangerous pesticides in people’s backyards by offering a safe and effective alternative—organic lawn care in Redmond. Work with Mother Nature to create the cleanest and greenest grass in your Redmond neighborhood today!

Solar-Powered Mowing (Clean)

When say Clean Air Lawn Care, we mean it. Solar-powered lawn mowing is essential to our values as an environmentally friendly lawn care company in Redmond. By eliminating pollution-heavy lawn equipment from your backyard, you are instantly reducing your carbon footprint and giving the environment a high five. Every piece of Clean Air’s organic lawn care equipment for small lawns is powered by solar panels on the top of our trucks.

Sometimes we do have to plug in to the main grid back at our central charging stations, but we make up for any traditional energy use with wind energy and the purchase of carbon offsets. Electric equipment is a cleaner, quieter – much quieter – alternative to gas-powered, carbon spewing, and clamorous equipment.

Lawn Care Service Professionals

We offer a wide range of lawn services. Needless to say, we’re a lot more comprehensive than the kid with the push mower and a lot more environmentally friendly than the “experts” at nationally known companies. Consider which factors matter most you, like environmental impact and attention to detail,  when selecting a lawn service in the Redmond area.

The Grassmasters

Our Grassmasters serve as the ultimate authorities in organic lawn care for the Redmond area and beyond. They use completely sustainable equipment to create healthier, happier lawns in their communities. With experience in every weather condition and soil type, they’ll find the perfect balance of maintenance, soil coverage, and watering to get you the perfect lawn.